Making a vise chop

Here’s how I made a vise chop for my workbench.

I originally had just put on a 2×12 as a visechop when first building my workbench so as to get working away without getting hung up on niceties. The 2×12 worked OK but was never intended to be the final product.


I started off with a 6×6 that had been a leg on a playset. I ripped it down to about 3″ wide and crosscut to about 10″ long and left it at around 5-1/2″ tall.


I started off by running the jack plane on it to get it to flat.


I used two planes to check for twist. I don’t have winding sticks like the pros so I figured the planes would work as they’re both 2″ wide and straight. Close enough for me.


I used the smoothing plane to smooth it off. Then I squared the sides and flattened them in the same way.


I traced a semi-circle on each end. I sawed off the excess and then chiselled down to the line I drew. I used a rasp to final shape and then filed away until it was smooth.



I measured the chop to check for correct height to see if I needed to take any off. Evidently, what I had was a little bit short.


So, I added a couple of strip of flooring to the chop; one on the top and one on the bottom. These are Brazilian Cherry 1×4. These were rounded off to match and I sanded down the edges flush.


I drilled holes for the vises bars and screw with an auger.


A couple of coats of shellac and I was back in business.



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