Making a saw till

I figured I’d have to make a till for the saws I seem to collect. Rather than having them hang on a nail, I wanted a way to hold them together on the wall in a way I could get at each on easily.

As a bonus, I wanted the till to fit in my tool box to fill up the empty space. There are two sliding tills in my tool box which leave some empty space when they’re pushed back. Nature and tool collectors abhor a vacuum, so I’ll pack some saws in there.

The jury is still out on how many saws a sane person needs. If you were to take advice from one guy, you should have one rip and one crosscut. Another would tell you that you need multiple saws for every type of wood and even the same again for green wood, which is unseasoned wood if I am correct. Well, I work with what I get at the local BORG, which is kind of kiln-dried. Also, I don’t see me ripping apart any logs in the foreseeable future. So, I figured I’d go with what I had. I didn’t have a rip saw at the time, so I made one. I have a blog about that too. Since then I’ve been given a nice rip saw, so now I have two.

I laid out the saws I had at the time on a 1×6 and held a sheet of scrap ply beside them to see if it would work for a side.


Here I am planing the edge of the plywood to get one straight edge. Sawing to a line is not my strong suit yet, so I plane after I saw. Planing to a line needs some practice too.


I never tried hand-cutting a dado, so here’s my crack at it. I sawed the lines and chiseled out the middle.


I dadoed in some more pieces of wood at the toe end of the saws and at the handle I set up the till so that the top horn of each saw handle had a place to lie.


Before I went any further I lifted the lot into the tool box to check for clearance. The saws in the lid of the box cleared them OK so I glued up the joints.


I cut up the plywood and glued and nailed them into the side of the saw till. This is the till after a coat of paint. On the left you can see one half of a French cleat. The other half is on the wall so that I can hang up the till.


Here is the till hanging up. From left to right I have:
– a Disston 5-1/2ppi 26″ rip saw
– an Atkins 7ppi 26″ rip saw
– a Warranted Superior (Atkins 2nd line) 9ppi 26″ crosscut saw
– a Warrented Superior 10ppi 18″ rip saw
– a Bishop 12ppi 20″ rip saw


List of saws subject to change of course. I have others hanging on nails and will likely find new homes.

Here’s the till in the tool box.



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