Wall Clock

I had a plan to make a small cabinet loosely based on the design of the wall clock on Paul Seller’s site. So, rather than start hacking away at some expensive wood making a cabinet, I figured I’d try and make the clock itself as practice.

I got a pine 1x8x6 from the local BORG for about $5. I picked through the lot and found one that was half decent and cut around the knots.


It planed up really well actually.


First step was to cut four housing dado joints.


Next was to cut grooves on the sides to accept a panel. This was done on the router with 3/8 bit. Two rails were cut to fit in between the sides. They also received grooves.


One each end of the rails I cut a tenon that would fit in the grooves on the sides.

A panel was cut that would fit into the grooves in the sides and rails. I used a plane
to make it into a raised panel by planing off a large chamfer at each edge of the panel.


I went to another store looking for a clock mechanism and found that it was cheaper
to just get a $3 clock and take the mechanism out of it.

I drilled the front panel for the clock shaft. I also had to mortise out a square out of
the back of the panel in order for the clock mechanism to fit. I also chamfered the top and bottom parts instead of rounding the edges. I also did not ad
any other mouldings. Keep it simple. Or lazy. Take your pick.

Here’s the clock dry fitted.


Gluing up.


I did kind of like the look of the pine, but I decided to paint the clock to match the rest of my black painted furniture. I gave it two coats of black latex paint and a coat of shellac and wax.


I also painted the hands of the clock white so that they’d show up against the black.

I also didn’t put any numbers or markers on the clock. It is easy enough to differentiate between 2:15 and 3:15. If you need more precise time marking, then maybe a wall clock is not for you.

All in all, not a bad little project. I got the practice I wanted and spent about $8.



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