Painting is my El Guapo

My Dad wasn’t one for movie quotes, so it was out of the blue when he pronounced “For some, shyness might be their El Guapo. For others, a lack of education can be their El Guapo. Painting is my El Guapo”.

We worked together building and remodeling houses and painting was something we both loathed. So, everytime I have picked up a paintbrush since, I hear this quote in my head.

Painting can be a pain to get right. I suppose that is why so many guys I see making furniture like to use a clear finish. Usually, this is to highlight the grain. It can be a crime to paint over some curly maple, but sometimes paint is handy to tie everything together.

So it is with the shop storage I’m making. Pine, poplar, hardboard and plywood are all going to meld together under a unifying layer of black paint.


For the unschooled among you, here is a link to Lucky Day’s speech:


One thought on “Painting is my El Guapo

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