I should have been a rigger.

Tired of hand jointing, I saved up my pennies and got this little piece of art: A Craftsman “Professional” 6-1/8″ jointer.


After a bout of scraping and sanding and squaring it up, it looked like this.


Now to get it up a set of stairs. This thing isn’t exactly light. Also, I had an old wobbly table saw to get downstairs. So, a bit of rigging was in store.


I dispensed with any free-body diagrams, stress analysis etc. and just sketched out my plan on a notepad: some kind of ratchety type thing on one end, a chain in the middle, and the tool on a dolly on the other end.


I laid some TJI beams over the stairs to act as runners.


After a couple of test runs with an empty dolly, I took apart the old saw and took it down the stairs.


I took apart the jointer into slightly less heavy parts. The main part went on the dolly.


…and it inched its way up the steps.


Now it is in its new home.



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