Workbench – leg frames

Time to bite the bullet and get cracking on this bench.

I wanted to keep the cost down as much as possible so I set about working with old planks. Reclaimed lumber, if you will.


I hand cut the rough length for each component and ripped them down on the table saw. Each one was then jointed, planed to thickness and ripped to size.


At the bench I cut each component to length and set out lines to locate mortises. I gave one a go by hand chopping with a chisel.


This played hell on my elbows to I tried using a router. I had to make a sub-base with a fence. The fence wandered a bit, making each mortise a little bit wider than the last. They were a lot cleaner though.


One leg had a split appear above the mortise. This I opened up by wedging the mortise open. I wicked some glue in the split and clamped it together for the night.


I laid out the stretchers and marked them up at the same time and cut tenons. Surprisingly, they went together well. Some persuasion with a hammer, but no problems. Two leg frames were made in this fashion.


After taking them out of the clamps, I cut any protruding tenons and planed all the surfaces flush.


Next – laminations…


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