Workbench – chisel rack

With the workbench pretty much finished, I decided to add a chisel rack. I had made a toolwell for the bench, but didn’t like the way sharp chisels could lie there waiting to give me a nick.

The toolwell, by the way, is made of four removable plywood panels. These ride on some battens I nailed onto the bench tops. The panels can be lifted out to put a vise where I want or if I want to put some wood in the end vise and crosscut them.

The toolwell on Bob Lang’s bench is made of removable boxes and I might get there someday.

Anyways, I figured a chisel rack would be handy.

So, I found two small strips of wood.


The chisels were laid out on one of the strips and I drew around them with a pencil.


Small spacers were cut to fit between the chisels. I glued the lot together and put them in the vise to set up. The chisels were pushed temporarily into their spots to make sure they’d fit.


I took the rack out after gluing up overnight.


I planed the tops flat and added a recess for screws.


A couple of screws attach it to the bench top. A lick of Danish Oil finished it off.



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