Workbench – fitting vises

With the leg and stretchers done, the top was able to be clamped down in order to mark out for the vises.

First step was to cut the top to length. This was done by marking all the way round with a square and cutting a line and chiseling out a trough for a saw to ride in.


After being cut, the ends were planed flat. I then marked out and chiseled out for the back jaw of a quick release vise.


This vise is set tight to the front of the bench top so that the vise’s dog is as close to the front as possible. This would help for planing long boards.

I gave the vise an extra thick chop as I needed to keep the rails from hitting the leg frame underneath. A wooden plate was added to the back jaw of the vise and everything was screwed in with a couple of lag screws. The chop extends all the way to match the width of the bench top laminations. This means I can drop some wood in the vise and cut either on the left side of it (towards the front) or on its right side (at the wellboard). The well board will be removable.


On the front of the benchtop all the way on the left, the large quick-release vise was mounted in a similar fashion.


I have since replaced the steel bench dogs from each vise with some I made from some Jatoba wood.

Next: Flattening the top again & adding a finish.


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