Workbench – leg shaping

Now to work on the legs and stretchers.

The first step was to mark out the stretchers. They are about 5″ tall at 1-1/2″ wide. The ends have a dovetail cut tenon that is designed to drop into a dovetail shaped mortise with a wedge.


I cut the tenon to width using a rip saw and used a router plane to clean up the saw marks.


I cut some stop cuts along the length of the angled side of the tenon and cut and planed the tenon to shape.


The legs are then further formed by gluing a 2×4 to the edge of the leg frame that was previously made.

This 2×4 had a dovetail dado cut out. When the 2×4 gets glued to the leg frame, this dado morphs into an angled mortise.

The angled tenon was overlaid on the 2×4 and the shaped of the dado was transferred onto it.

I then chopped out this dado with saw, hammer and chisel.



After gluing the 2×4 to the leg frame, this is how the leg frames look.


I had to true up the leg frames to remove some twist. This was done by running the plane around and around and checking as I went with winding sticks.


Put together roughly, this is how the bench is coming to shape. Bob Lang’s bench calls for an upper stretcher that is dovetailed on the face of the leg frames. This is something I figured I’d leave out as I could add it in later.


Next: Fitting vises


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