Workbench – shelf

The last thing I have done on my workbench is to give it a shelf.

I like to keep odds and ends on a shelf under the bench top. It isn’t for storing tools, just bench hooks and the like.

I milled up some lumber about 3″ wide by 1-1/4″ thick to make slats. I clamped a batten to the each of the stretchers and laid the slats on them with about 1/8″ gap between them. This would be small enough to let dust fall to the floor beneath while retaining the tools.


The battens were raised and lowered until the top of the slats lined up with the top of the side stretchers on the leg frames, which are about an inch lower than the front and back stretchers.

The slats at each end were notched around the legs and then the battens were screwed to the stretchers and the slats were screwed to the battens.

I gave the lot a coat of Danish Oil to match the rest of the bench.

This shelf is now home to my chopping board, planing stop and bench hook. These will have to be upgraded now too I suppose.



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