Making a chair- Cutting wood

With the design fairly well done, I started laying out the parts.

I tried to orient the grain of the wood so that it was straight-grained on the legs below the seat level. This would give the strongest grain orientation in order to take the load of someone sitting on the chair.

I made a template out of hardboard and drew out the legs on the 2×8.


Then I cut around the leg shapes with the cordless saw. Each leg blank was then taken to the band saw and I cut around the marked lines.


Then they were taken to the bench and cleaned up with the plane.


To get a flat section where the legs meet the seat stretchers I used a Jeff Miller’s method of resting a plane on a know flat surface and registering from that.


I then ganged up the front and back legs and marked out for mortises all at the same time. This would ensure they all matched up.


I chopped out a couple of mortises by hand but finished the rest off with a router.

Then I had to set about marking angled tenons. I just sawed the tenons by hand.


They mostly went together well. This photo is of one of the front legs. I left the top of the leg long so that it would not get split when I chopped the mortise. This extra length would get sawed off later.


Starting to come together as a chair now. This is a dry fit.


I cut out a crest rail with the band saw and smoothed it down with my radius-bottomed planes.


And then added it into its spot.


I put the chair up on my bench to check the joints.


The side stretcher joints looks awry. I found that the front stretcher was too short. This is likely from not cutting perfect angles on the tenons on the side stretchers. I figured the easiest fix was to lengthen the front stretcher. i.e. Make a new one

While I was at it I made another rail to go beneath the crest rail. The chair back looked too empty without it.


Next up: Gluing up


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