Making a chair – Gluing up

On to gluing up; Another step I like. No turning back from this point.

I glued up the front and back sections separately. Here you can see the back going together.


I then glued in the side stretchers. I used angled cauls and wedges to keep the clamps aligned.


A quick gander at the joints and I found this knot. How did I miss this????


I let the glue dry and came back the next day to do some surgery.

I drilled out the knot as it went from one side of the leg to the other.


Then I made a dowel out of a scrap of oak.


And glued in the dowel


I let that glue cure and then cut out the rest of the bad material and fitted some hardwood blocks in place.


and planed them flush.



Good job this chair is for me. I’m sure it is a good fix but I wouldn’t be confident giving this chair to someone.

Anyways, calamity averted. On to painting! Paint will solve everything!


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