Making a chair – Painting & Upholstery

Now to finish this out.

After gluing I sanded the chair down and coated it with shellac. This got sanded and another coat was applied. After sanding that I screwed in corner blocks. These lend rigidity to the corner joints and are a handy for attaching a plywood seat.


Next the chair got a couple of coats of black paint.


I laid plywood down on top of the stretchers and traced around the outside and cut the plywood to a trapezoidal shape.

Then I set about upholstering. I never did this before and any book I found was not very specific so I just went to the fabric store to see what they had.

I used some 2″ foam and a batting material that goes between the foam and the outside material.

Here I cut the foam to shape and stapled down the batting on the bottom of the plywood sheet.


I then found some nice material in a box. Close enough. I pulled this around the foam and stapled it to the bottom of the plywood, watching the corners to make the seams look good. The plywood was then screwed to the chair.


Something just didn’t look right with this. “Overstuffed” comes to mind.


So, I cut the plywood so that it would sit inside the seat stretchers, resting on the corner blocks. I don’t know how well this arrangement will hold up in the long run, but it works for now.

With the plywood reshaped, I cut down the foam etc to size and stapled them all on again. Then I screwed the plywood to the chair.

Looks a bit better. The foam still is a bit too tall I think but there was no 1″ foam and I’ll see how I feel after having lived with it for a while.


All in all I’m pretty happy with the result.



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