Headboard – Frame woodworking

On to getting some lumber and get to woodworking.

I picked up some rough oak from the lumber yard. It was sized to 5/4, 4/4, 1/2 etc. This was the first lumber I had gotten from a dedicated yard, so that was interesting in itself: Converting dimensions to board feet, picking out wood that would fit the project, buying decent wood for a change.


I cut down the legs to size and planed them up. I jointed on edge of each. This edges would face to each other and would accept the tenons of the cross-rails.


Next I laid out and started chopping mortises. This was surprisingly straightforward. The chisel just chopped its way down and soon I was done.


I used a guide block while chopping the mortises. This guided the chisel for straightness and plumb. Also, since it was long, I got to chop both upper mortises with the guide block in one location. With the block in place too I was able to pare down the walls of the mortises. I think they came out pretty good.


The tenons were laid out next. I ganged up the rails and marked them all together. I sawed out the the tenons with a handsaw and used a hand router to clean them up and keep them straight and true.


One came out a bit thin for its mortise so I un-thinned it by gluing on a thin piece of oak. After this dried on I pared it down to the proper thickness.


With the mortises and tenons cut out, I fitted the lot together. They all went together with some whacks of a hammer. Not too tight, not loose at all. This frame holds itself together without glue. Pretty happy about that.



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