Making a bed – Design

A project I wanted to tackle for some time is making a bed.

I’ve had an IKEA bed for a number of years that I had bought in the damaged good section with good intentions of fixing it up. Rather than doing that, I thought I could use it as a donor. “Upcycling”, the kids are calling it these days.

After having made a chair, I extrapolated on the design to come up with the look of the bed. I wanted the same basic style of legs and a lean on the backrest so that I can sit up in bed and bingewatch TV shows.

Here’s the model for the chair I did:


I then widened the stance.


And then pulled the legs out longer.


Then I drew in a box spring, mattress and a panel for the backrest. I spaced out the rails on the headboard.


With the box-spring and mattress hidden in this photo, you can see the footboard and headboard better.


I added a panel in the footboard with two cross-rails to hold it in place. On the headboard, I moved one of the rails lower so that it can carry an upper and lower panel. The upper panel leans back at around 10 degrees, so the mid-rail is shaped to suit.

For some guidance, I got out Jeff Miller’s book on beds. On some of his designs, the box-spring is not even used. Slats are used in its place.

With this in mind, I changed my design to remove the box-spring and use some 2x3s in its place.

While I was at it, I did away with the footboard altogether. I don’t think it serves any purpose except to get in the way.

I think I like the way this looks, so time to start putting some form to the design.



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