Making a bed – Breaking a bed

My IKEA Hemnes bed was to be donated to the cause. It has served me well, but it has met its end and will live on in other forms. One of these will be a panel for my new bed. Saves me gluing up a panel, you see.


One little tap with a hammer shows how this bed was held together: Dowels and good intentions.
Definitely not heirloom furniture, but it was what I could afford at the time. Then again, I’m making a bed from construction lumber, so I don’t know what that says. Let’s say I can’t afford a bed made from cherry and leave it at that.

Maybe the joint was glued. Hard to tell. Anyways, mocking aside, it did hold up just fine. So, maybe mortise and tenon joinery is overkill?


About five minutes later, I have a dissembled bed. The panels are nice, though. I also have some 1″ thick dowels, should the need arise.



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