Making a bed – Headboard & Footboard

Now to fitting the panel into the headboard and making the footboard.

Into each leg I plowed out a groove. This ran between the upper and middle mortises. I could have routed this out, but I was itching to use a plow plane I had just picked up. It worked nice. I also grooved the upper and the top of the middle rails. These had very straight grain and the plow plane just zipped through them.


One of the salvaged panels was then put to the bench. I cut a rabbet on all sides that would let it sit in the grooves on the legs and rails.


I didn’t know what to do with the black paint on the panels. I had intended to paint the bed, but I didn’t know how the new paint would adhere to or react with the old paint. So, I elected to remove it with the scrub plane.


Here you can see some of the scallops in the wood from using the scrub plane.


After going at a 45 degree across the panel, I then turned the plane to go along the length.

I kind of liked the way it felt: like it was carved. So, I went no further with the surface prep.


Finally, to gluing up. Starting to look like something now.


While the headboard was setting up, I went to work on the footboard.

I cut out the legs at the bench. Only the back of the leg needs to be perfectly square as that is where the joinery is. The front was freehand curved.

Here you can see how I cut out the curves using stop cuts and chopping out the waste. The curves were then finished out using the radius-bottom plane and spokeshave.


I chopped out the mortises for the foot rail.

I used some old ugly chisels for this. They won’t win any beauty contests but are very stout, so I felt OK just whaling away on them with a hammer.


Here you can see the layout for the mating tenon. The cardboard shows a detail of the full-size drawing I did.


I glued up the footboard. When it was set up, I put it standing by the headboard. It’s starting to look the part.



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