Making a bed – Side rails & Assembly

Last big hurdle was to make the side rails and button this thing up.

Well, this piece of wood seems to want to form the hull of a boat. Or a propeller. It has a bit of a twist.


At 7″ or more, this was too big to go on my jointer, so out came the scrub plane.

After some planing, checking with the straight edge and planing some more, I got it to straight enough.


With one side flattened, the board could be ripped to with.

However, my table saw is a little portable one and could not cut all the way through the board. So, I had at with with my rippiest of rip saws.

-Side note: Here’s a blog of how I modified this saw to make it an aggressive rip saw: Making an 8 ppi saw into a 4-1/2 ppi saw


This just needs some surface planing. The offcut may see service as a drawer bottom in the future.


I then cut a stub tenon on the end of the rail and dry fit the bed.

I didn’t have way to clamp the assembly together, so I tied a rope around each end and made a Spanish Windlass.

I cinched the lot tight and drilled out through the legs into the side rails to mark out for bed bolts.


I took the lot apart again and then drilled into the side of each rail to located the nut and washer for each bed bolt.

I modified each washer to have a flat surface to make it fit in the allowable space.


Here is the last go at test fitting the bed. All the bolts tightened up. The thing is rock solid.

Next job is to add some metal rails to carry slats and then paint the lot.



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