Small toolchest – drawers & tweaking

More dovetailing, grooving, planing.

The drawers are made up of a 3/8″ thick front with 1/4″ sides and back. I went off the design for the bottom and used a 1/4″ solid pine instead of the plywood.


I cut out the tails on the sides of the drawers. Then I cut a rabbet on the back of the tails where they mate up to the front of the drawer.

This is a form of the “140 trick”, where you cut a rabbet with a Stanley 140 skew rabbet plane. Anyways, this was cut with a saw and pared down with a chisel. The rabbet now helps you line up the sides to the front without the sides wobbling or sliding out of the way.


Having done that, I marked out the pins and chopped them out. Then I planed a groove on the front and sides with the plough plane. I cut the backs to mate up with the sides.

The ends of the back part are housed into the sides and they also have a mortise and tenon holding the end to the sides. This little tenon gets wedged too. Lots of finicky detailing for a guy that likes to take an ax to a piece of wood.



I planed down some scrap pine to 1/4″ thick and planed a bevel on one side to fit it to the grooves in the drawer side.


I repeated the process for the other drawer. Then I separated the top of the toolchest from the bottom by sawing all the way around.
Last major thing to do was to install a pair of hinges on the back. After this the box was a bit misaligned so I planed around the sides to make it all flush once more.


I also glued in some runners that goes behind the divider and reaches all the way into the back. Also a pair of runners fit over the top drawer and helps hold up a plywood shelf.


After this, the toolchest was pretty much made and just needed to be finished.


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