Small toolchest – Finishing up

On to painting this little toolchest.

I masked off as best I could with some blue painters tape. I kept the tape back from the edge of the drawer dividers so that any visible parts would be painted. I did the same with the corners of the drawers so that any variance on the edge would be painted also. Anyways, you don’t see any pine peeking out this way.


Here it is for the most part.

The drawers are designed to extend out and be self-supporting. I screwed in a couple of eye hooks and strung a shoe-lace between them to keep the lid from falling back.


I screwed in a couple of drawer pulls and a snap lock. I ‘distressed’ them by painting over them and then sanding out so that the high spots are shiny and the low spots are dirty. I had previously had the lot all shiny and nice but it looked kind of weird. Once I get this toolchest banged up a bit it’ll all match.

I’ll let the paint cure for a month and then go over it with a clearcoat of shellac or polyurethane so that dust doesn’t stick to it so easily.


The nerds among you will now have noticed that I used a couple of old saw nuts as drawer pulls.

Thanks for looking!



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