Time to blog some more.

I guess it has been a couple of months since I blogged. Given that the majority of what I write is about projects I was working on it may look like I’ve been avoiding projects. Not so.

I’ve taken photos of a storage/laundry box I was asked to build, photos at a few museums and little tools for myself. I hope to put them up soon.

A trip to the Henry Ford museum and Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI, coupled with the acquisition of a couple of lathes have renewed my interest in machinery; their use and design.

I picked up a wood lathe to make some tool handles and to see if I would get into turning bowls. This led to research into metal lathes and from there on to engine building and metalwork in general.

This has led to a slope that is just as slippery as the one that got me into hand making woodwork. Instead of just looking back to how people made things out of wood in days of yore, I’ve been reading up on Victorian machines, which led to steam engines, basic rocketry, composites, and dare I say: CNC. I’ve even blown the dust of some old engineering books and have begun familiarizing myself again with the mystical arts of equations and charts.

The horizons are being pushed out further and further.  So, we’ll see where this goes.


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