Making an eggcup

With my lathe I had intended to get into bowl making. For a small scale test I went to go and practice by making an eggcup. “Why an eggcup?” you may well ask. Well, I didn’t have one. So, that seemed like a good enough reason.

Now there are a variety of ways of turning a bowl. Chief among them seems to be to turn the outside, leaving a tenon and then putting the tenon in a chuck to do the inside.

Lacking a chuck, I went the other direction of turning the inside and then the outside.

One way to to this is to glue your lump of wood to a sacrificial glue block. Again, I don’t have a glue block so I had to start by making one.

I found a piece of wood I had rough turned. Also, I got a 3/4-16 nut. This can thread directly onto the spindle of the lathe. The spindle is threaded on the outside to accept chucks and the like. The nut threaded on just fine when I tested it.


I laid the nut middle of the end of the piece of wood and traced around it.


And then chopped out a hexagon shape to accept the nut. Hexagonal hand cut mortises, baby! Where’s the video of that on Woodsmith Shop?


I glued the nut into the hole with some epoxy. After setting up overnight I screwed it onto the end of the lathe.


Carefully, I gouged out the inside of the cup. This was difficult to learn to do successfully as tools have tendency to get caught in the grain of the wood. You have to pay attention to the shape of the tool and picking one that isn’t contoured with a curve on it can catch easily.


With the inside pretty much done, I turned to the outside.

I had to back and forth to do while I got the shape down.

An egg was used to test for fit. Nothing like the real thing to use for testing. A smarter person would have boiled the egg first. Luckily, it didn’t get broken.


I turned down the remainder of the eggcup. This was done on the fly and I didn’t have a pattern.

I sanded it down and applied a couple of coats of shellac.


Success! Cute and handy too!



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