Roubo – L’art du Menuisier – online scans

While browsing the Benchcrafted blog, I found a link to the New York Public Library’s scans of Roubo’s “L’art du menuisier”.

Here it is: NYPL Roubo

It contains the scans of many plates from the book in high resolution. Not all of them; about a hundred or so. I’ve been downloading them and taking a look. The level of detail is impressive to me; like looking at the book with a magnifying glass.

I’m impressed by the artist that drew each plate. How would he feel to know that 200+ years later I can see his work from the comfort of my couch and laptop?

After having edited a couple of pictures for printing at home, I can only imagine what kind of undertaking it was for the people at Lost Art Press to edit the whole set of plates and start to translate the text. They have a book of plates that looks like something well worth the price.

Anyways, take a look at the link and enjoy.




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