Storage Bench – Design

I was asked to make a storage bench, with a rough outline of dimensions and function. Basically, it had to store clothes, be a decent height to sit on and fit into the allowable space.

So, off I went and started sketching up some rough ideas.

These were:

Bench with open shelves:


Bench with drawers:


A low table with storage shelf


A low table with drawers.


A chest with a hinged lid


This last one was the type of bench chosen. However, I was then asked to make it match a sink vanity that would be in the bathroom.

I found that the sink vanity was for sale at the local home center so I went and took a photo of it:


Also, I found a photo on the internets of the same cabinet. I imported this into a CAD program I had and found the relative dimensions of the frame rails on the doors and the baseboard etc.


Working from this, I started modeling in Sketchup and came up with this model, which I then worked off.



Next: Cutting up some wood…


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