Truth in advertising

Here’s a table I rescued from the trash can. Looks like oak with what may or may not be solid oak for the top.


A quick look underneath revealed a maker’s sticker. It was made by H. C. Niemann & Co of 1801 N. Rockwell, Chicago.

The text reads: “An elephant lives for 300 years. Our tables last a lifetime”. The elephant stands on said table with “So Strong” emblazoned on its side.


Now, cursory research into the lifespan of an elephant returns a value of between 70-80 years, a bit less than 300. So, to whom do I complain?

A google map search of the address gives us these nice rowhouses, not a furniture factory in sight.


So, this table didn’t last the life of the advertised elephant. Despite its being quite an old table, it doesn’t look like it is worth restoring, so I’ll cut it down and make something else of it. At least this way its lumber has been saved from an ignoble end on the trash-heap.


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