Playing with Inventor; sharpening stone holder

I recently dusted off a copy of Autodesk Inventor, a 3D drafting software. I had used it before to make models for engineering projects and wanted to give it a spin again.

You start of by sketching and extruding parts, similar to like you would in Sketchup, but views and drawings are easily generated.

I went about seeing if I could do a mockup of a sharpening stone holder. Design what you know, I suppose.

First step was to create a sketch of the base, extrude to give it a cuboid shape. Then cut in a depression for a sharpening stone. Last step for the base is to make a sketch on the side of a curvy line and extrude that, which has the effect of cutting out the base.

The plate itself was modeled as a simple cuboid and a lid was made to match.

Each part was made separately and then brought together in an assembly.


With the assembly made, you choose to make a drawing and a default sheet opens up. To this you add views. On top of the views you add dimensions etc. I used an end view, with a section to show the plate within and an isometric view of the assembly.



I printed out the drawings at 11×17 and went off to the shed.

I got a scrap of pine and planed away the top and sides to square it up.


Then I ripped the block down to make the base and lid



With a chisel and a router, I ploughed out for the recess in the base and the lid.


Then I shaped the bottom of the base with a chisel, scrub plane and file.


Gave the lot a coat of boiled linseed oil.


There you have it. The top looks a little grubby but I’m treating this as a prototype.


Further iterations of the design would call for thumb recess on the sides to get the lid off easier. Also, make I plan to use nice wood. When I get to it, that is.




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