Pinewood Fat Man Derby

I just got volunteered for a project: Help my nephew with his Boy Scouts’ Pinewood Derby car.

From what I understand, I was chosen as I have a lathe and it may or may not prove useful. Well, I can’t tell the kid no.

So, here’s what the idea is: A wheeled model of the atomic bomb “Fat Man”. Now, what’s with kids these days and their mania for learning history? Back in my day we had Thundercats and we were damn glad.

Sorry for the lousy photo. It is the first and last I will take with my new tablet:


The plan calls for a bomb to be carved out of the supplied pine block. With paint and logos like “Uranium 238” and the like.* Here is a rough draft of the technical drawing we’re going with:


I figure we should mill some test blocks of wood and do a few mock-ups first. Then I plan that we chisel the shape rough and rasp and sand away the rest. Hopefully it warms up soon and we can get out to the shed.




*and the first nerd who wants to tell me that Fat Man was a plutonium bomb or that’s not the right isotope or whatever gets to paint this car as punishment


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