Unpluggedshop is a blogroll of enthusiasts that focus on hand tool woodworking


Paul Sellers has been instrumental to me if getting back to the basics of woodworking with a focus on showing what can be done with a minimal set of tools. His YouTube videos are very enlightening and his blog is a font of information.

Paul Sellers

Sellers also has a subscription-based teaching site, again focused on making projects with a minimal set of tools. It goes from small projects like making a basic clock to tables, chairs and other furniture and related items.

Woodworking Masterclasses

Lost Art Press is a publisher of woodworking related books, releasing past out-of-print books along with new texts that have an emphasis on returning to the basics of simple design and construction.

The head of Lost Art Press is Chris Schwarz who left his editor gig at Popular Woodworking and wrote “The Anarchist’s Tool Chest”, a book that highlighted the need to make decent furniture with few tools and how to go about making a traditional toolchest to house said tools.

Lost Art Press

AX84 is a website dedicated to DIY guitar amplifier projects. The name is derived from the 12AX7 pre-amplifier tube and the EL84 power amplifier tube. The P1 project is a simple guitar amp that is designed for beginners looking to make their own “homebrew” amps. From the basic design, other more intricate projects are shown and people post on the message board and collaborate on projects together.

AX84 – The Cooperative Tube Amp Project

Sketchup is a free 3D design tool. For the cash-strapped designer it is a boon. It also is becoming one of the standard methods of communication for designers to trade ideas.

Sketchup also has a warehouse of parts that designers can download and upload.

Sketchup & 3D Warehouse


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